Technical requirements for an exchange service

How to get listed at Coinmonitor

We include into the list both automated and manually operated cryptocurrencies exchange services as well as cashing out services. If you are willing your service to be appeared at Coinmonitor, please make sure it satisfies all our requirements and if so, send us details of your service and we will be glad to put it in our list.

Requirements for an exchange service

  1. An exchange service must be actively working at least 6 months since its opening.
  2. The total reserves of crypto and traditional currencies must be not less than 5000$.
  3. In case an exchange service is working with WebMoney, then it must have at least "personal" WMID-certificate where your web-site is also mentioned and BL must be equal or more to 100.
  4. If your exchange is working with PerfectMoney, then your account must be verified by the payment system and TS is not less than 10.
  5. Your exchange service shall have a partnership (referral) program.
  6. We would require from you an export file in a format we mention and this file must automatically be updated as soon as at least one parameter at your exchange would change, i.e. exchange rate, amount of the reserves, commission rates etc.
  7. Attention! The file you export to us must reflect the actual and reliable data on rates, reserves, commissions, and additional info etc. In case an exchange service is providing us with false information on at least one parameter, deliberately or by mistake, then such a service will be blocked immediately and delisted.
  8. We would give a priority to the exchanges that have unique and user-friendly interface, clear info on the terms of use, rates, reserves and commissions as well as on timing required for the exchange operations and any other details that are important for customers and may affect the quality of service.
  9. The name of your exchange must be unique and shouldn't be similar to those, which are already listed at our web-site.
  10. An exchange shall have secure connection via HTTPS.
  11. Web-site of an exchange service must have all the necessary contact details and working hours shall be mentioned as well. At minimum there must be email and one online-messenger (Skype, Telegram, ICQ and so on or your own online chat service). Your support service shall be accessible and responsive. Direct phone number is recommended.
  12. Place Coinmonitor-button at your web-site. It should be distinctly visible.

In case your exchange service is willing to be added in our list but not all the requirement are matched – feel free to contact our support and we help you to make necessary changes. Besides if you deal with rare currencies we can talk on this in individual manner.

We are open to negotiate any other options for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Technical requirements

  1. Export file – in XML or JSON format
  2. Currencies codes and city-codes are listed here
  3. Make sure that at API-page the DDoS-protection system is disabled (Cloudflare, BitNinja, etc.)
  4. The root-element is rates
  5. Spaces or Tabs don’t matter. XML must pass the validation
  6. Parameter item shall contains data for each exchange direction
  7. For each element in item there are 5 fields:
    • from - initial currency code
    • to - desired currency code
    • in - amount of from
    • out - amount of to
    • amount - reserves of the currency to
  8. Here is example of API-exported XML-file:



  1. Cryptocurrencies
  2. State currencies